Chris Piper

Hey, I'm Chris Piper. I'm the CMO at Scribe Media, Founder at Index Marketing, and work on a project called Custody Corps.I live in Austin, Texas with my wife, daughter, and two dogs.

About me

I love marketing. I started coding websites in Notepad when I was in middle school, then started studying marketing, psychology, and business—and never stopped. I mainly focus on blending growth marketing strategies with legendary brand building.Since 2012, I've built a marketing agency, launched my own product at CES, and have grown several multi-million dollar businesses. I also co-authored the book, Understanding Y, published internationally by Wiley.Custody Corps (pronounced "core") is my project where I provide guidance for men going through a divorce so they can retain custody of their kids.For more musings, follow me on LinkedIn, I post my thoughts daily, or visit the About page on Custody Corps.